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Discover the POTENCY OF CHOICE and INSTANT CHANGE with Empowerment Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, Energy Healing & Access Consciousness.

Hello Beautiful! I am Kimmy.



I help MEN AND WOMEN just like you –
step out of powerlessness, stress and confusion – into their

to create their most amazing life!


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Praise for KimmyEnergy

Kimmy is one powerful woman.  I always feel so much better after my sessions with her. I highly recommend her.

T. Petreman

I sought KimmyEnergy”s intuitive expertise multiple times while traveling in Central America,  Her readings were spot and her guidance inspired me to get out of an unhealthy situation.

A. Sassafrass

Digital Media Marketer

Loving the results from my treatments.
Positive energy all around.

S. Hawkins

You & Me = Undying Support,Inspired Knowing, Potent Transformation,Joyful Synergy and Complete Professionalism


Do you realize how much wisdom, magic and strength you have within yourself?

I have worked with hundreds of clients world wide helping them transform limiting beliefs, and the affects of negative life experiences so they could create what they desire and make their dreams come true.

I zone into the energy of you to discover what is not in alignment with your true, potent self.  When I work with you, I literally receive downloads of awareness.  My expertise in intuitive healing and awareness works like a magical wand to eliminate negative beliefs, disempowerment and unresolved issues that hold you back from living your amazing life with joy and resiliency.


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How to Love Your Body No Matter What!

How to Love Your Body No Matter What!

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How to Learn the Language of Energy to Create Change.

How to Learn the Language of Energy to Create Change.

I was born knowing the language of energy.  It showed up for me as colors and lights that I thought everyone saw.  As an Intuitive Energy Healer, healing energy is part of my make up.  I can also change and be the energy that is required in order to create a...

How to Receive and Create your Most Amazing Life.

How to Receive and Create your Most Amazing Life.

When I learned to receive I started to create an amazing life.  I mean don't get my wrong, my life was pretty good.  But I was one of those people who were taught that is it is better to give than receive.  I took care of others before taking care of myself. I put...

Do you REALLY want to
stay FROZEN in FEAR and UHAPPINESS paralyzed
from moving forward with your Life Long Dreams ?

Do you REALLY want to
continue on with the same safe, mediocre,unsatisfactory life?

Or would you like to heal your issues, improve and love your body,
and align with the power and potency you be?


Together we can sift through the inner work you still need to do, transform any resistance and challenges that arise in your body and mind and enlighten you with intuitive knowing so that you can create a joyful, balanced land healthy life.

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