When I learned to receive I started to create an amazing life.  I mean don’t get my wrong, my life was pretty good.  But I was one of those people who were taught that is it is better to give than receive.  I took care of others before taking care of myself. I put others needs before mine because I cared.

It was during the end of my marriage that I finally realized the importance of caring for me.  And that I was worthy of creating anything I desired.   I ask and then I receive.  You really can change anything and create more than you have ever dreamed.  Let me know show you how.


Follow these suggestions if you would like to master receiving and create a bigger, more amazing life:

  1. Don’t even doubt for a second, that what you are asking may not show up for you.  The Universe really does wanna give you whatever you want.  ASK for it.  And know that it is on it’s way.
  2. Remove all that you thought receiving could be or should be.  Receiving has no limitations.  Except those that you put on it.
  3. Get rid of all the decisions and conclusions you have about yourself that may be creating barriers to your receiving.  You are WORTHY of receiving:  of having the best of everything: of having a joyful, easy life.  For whatever reason, so many people think they aren’t worthy of their dreams – they aren’t good enough or that the shouldn’t receive more than others on planet because there are tons of people suffering and impoverished.  If you allowed yourself to receive what you are asking for you could be an example for others on how to receive their wishes and desires.
  4. Step beyond the idea that obligation is part of receiving.  So many people think that they have to give back when someone gives to them.  Not the case.  There are no obligations with receiving.  When you think you have to give back, you destroy the magic and ease of receiving.  You can be aware that some people may attach obligations to their giving but you don’t have to take those on.  You have a choice!
  5. Lose the judgments you have about the people who have what you’re asking for.  In other words, if you’re asking for more money than you can spend, and you have the judgment that rich people are greedy, rude, or snotty, can you really receive the money you’re been asking for?  If you have the judgment that thin women are snobs and sexually promiscuous can you actually create your body to be as hot and sexy as you’ve been asking for it to be?
  6. Watch the language that you are choosing when you are asking to receive.  The word “want: actually means lack.  So the Universe is getting mixed signals from your request.  You are actually saying that “lack” your request.  Demand what you desire:  use words that will create what you are looking for.  Say  “I’ll have…….!”
  7. Put all of your barriers down.  So many people live in this world with energetic walls around themselves.  In order to receive what you ask for, you need to be the open space of receiving with you no walls around you.  Putting down your barriers may make you feel unprotected, vulnerable or out of control.  Though this may at first be uncomfortable for you, it is absolutely necessary for you to receive.


I would love it, if you played with receiving and used my suggestions to create something more with your life.  Pick whatever you like….and make your order to the universe.  Say, “Universe, I will have………”  and allow it to show up in your life.

Leave a comment below and let me know how this works for you.

If you discovered that you have some barriers to receiving, drop me a line via my contact page and we can work on shifting those for you and opening you up to the beauty of receiving.