I was born knowing the language of energy.  It showed up for me as colors and lights that I thought everyone saw.  As an Intuitive Energy Healer, healing energy is part of my make up.  I can also change and be the energy that is required in order to create a particular outcome – not only for my clients – but also in my life (more on this shortly).

When I do hands-on-work or healing by distance, my healing energy works on shifting the energy that is part of the issue or challenge that my clients have.  I am holding the space that enables the energy that each client has themselves, to become a healing and creative energy in their body.  I am a jump start that activates the healing energy my clients have in themselves.


Energy is not seen by most people yet it is inside of everything that exists.  Our thoughts and emotions are made of energy.  In fact we constantly send energy out into the world around us.  Some of us can read energy and understand energy, kind of like knowing how to speak another language.  All of us can change energy and that can change everything.  What if everything you’ve ever wanted to change in your life is about changing the energy of it; the energy of the way it felt; the energy of the way it is showing up for you?

To begin learning the energy of language to you need to shut that mind off and step beyond the decisions, judgements and conclusions about what is possible.  Energy is sensed not thought.  Start by closing your eyes and be totally present in your body and where you are.  Allow yourself to be aware of the energy in and around you.  What does it feel like?  Is it heavy?  Does it feel like space? Sensing energy is like building a muscle.  Don’t get discouraged if you can’t “read” anything.  Keep on practicing.  You will start to become aware of energy.

A second way we can play with energy to create change – is becoming aware of how we can change our energy.  We are made up of energy and emit it into the world.  Often our emotions or the way we are feeling, indicates what energy we are embodying.  Check in with yourself and observe how you are feeling.  If you could describe your energy, what words would you use?  Careful here…..don’t label the energy with thought.  Sense it. You can actually use questions to change your energy.   I use, “what energy, space and consciousness can I be to be as happy as I truly be?” ( In a previous blog post, I actually talk about how questions create change.  You can check out the blog post at this link:  ) I wonder what would happen if you asked the question I use?   Do you feel any different?  I always feel different.

You can use the energy, space and consciousness clearings to create change in any way. You are also able to address anything with whatever energy is required to change the situation or create whatever you want to create.  When you ask to be a different energy, then in you becoming that energy, you change the world around you.  So what energy, space and consciousness can you be to create what ever it is you desire?

Have fun reading energy and playing with it to create change.