What if you could love your body no matter what? I can’t help but be fond of  the good ole days when fleshy women were considered sexy. How can you even doubt this beauty isn’t a gorgeous?

I think it’s flippin’ ridiculous, that something like 90% of all women, are unhappy with their bodies and resort to dieting to what has been defined as “their ideal body weight”.  Since when did the Skinny Minny happen to be everyone’s ideal body weight?

I have always thought that women of any shape, size or color are gorgeous just cuz they are women.  It drives me bonkers that most women think main stream’s definition of sexy bodies is where its at!

Check out these six possible new ways to love that sexy body of yours no matter what! 

1)  A body has a particular shape for various reasons. Some body types are naturally voluptuous; while others have high metabolisms and stay thin regardless of how much chow they mow. Other peeps may have allergies to food combinations, genetic predispositions or certain physiological systems that may not be functioning as they could.

2)  No body shape is hotter than others.  And, believe it or not, many men actually prefer women that have curves and aren’t bone thin. Take it from me, I know.  I have a bit of extra flesh on me and that don’t stop the fellahs from asking me out!

3)  Every judgement we have of our bodies is felt by our bodies, hun bun,  and often shows up in your body. Your thoughts have energy. If you keep telling your body you are over weight and unhappy with the way you look this is what you will see and feel.  Not only do your judgements and conclusions limit and even damage your body; they also kaibosh the support and awareness your body offers you.

4)  If you wish to create a different shape with your body, then it is important to begin to love your bod darlin.  Like a romantic relationship you have with a hot dude.  But even more hot sexy love.  Yeah Girl! For your bod!  Your body hears everything you think and say to it and about it.  Start a different convo with your body – a chat that is lovin.   Your body is a friend that loves you unconditionally.  Would you be willing to let go of all your body judgements and be grateful for your body regardless of its shape or size? Instead of judging your body begin asking, body what would it take for it to slim down so many pounds? Body, what do you require in order to feel more joy?  What do you require in order to feel nurtured?

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5)Your body loves to be cared for.  Caring for your body involves opening to the awareness your body is always offering you and following its knowing and desires – yes those yummy desires for whatever! What if the pain you had in your body was actually your body screaming at you? Your body has awareness.  It can perceive and receive information about what is occurring all around it:  in the room it’s in, in the family it is part of even in the rest of the world.  If you are experiencing something uncomfortable with your body,  it could be your body  aware of somebody’s experience.  Always ask your body: who or what is having this experience? Is it you or is it some one else?  Your body has a language and it will communicate with you.

6)Lastly, you are in a body that lives on the Earth.  There is also a huge connection between bodies and the earth. The earth is offering you energy all the time: and your body can actually send healing energy down into the earth. Next time you have discomfort in your body, ask if it is yours, or does it belong to something else?  If it is something else, 98 percent of the time it’s actually the earth saying, “Hey there doll! Wanna give me some of that healing juju you have?”  To send energy down to the earth, just pretend you are opening up the bottom of your feet and flowin your juju way down yonder.  The earth is actually supporting you all the time but these days we live such a stressed out lifestyle that we forget this.  If you take the time to offer your energy to the earth, and receive from Her, I wonder what could happen to your body.