KimmyEnergy Empowerment Coaching
inspires and supports you to discover the Greatness of You!

Are you looking for the true you and something more fulfilling in your life?

Are you close to desperate for anything that will light you up and make you wanna jump out of bed instead of drag your sorry ass out of it? Has depression resigned you to going through the motions day in and day out?

Are you unhappy in your marriage or relationship yet wouldn’t consider leaving your significant other cuz you don’t know how you could manage without them?

Do you have a dream that you have kept secret till now telling no one and wish you had the motivation and courage to make it real?

Or perhaps your life is already rockin’ and you are just challenged at the moment.  You need some insight, inspiration and mojo to choose what you really desire.

What if I could hold the space and strength for you to catapult forward at warp speed?  What if I could open the way to your magic and your strength and enLIGHTEN you quicker than ever thought possible?

I have been through hard times myself and know how fricken challenging life can be. I have learned from my own experience.  I have tons of tools to show you how you can pick yourself up, gather your strength and courage to step beyond your mediocre life, and really create whatever you desire.

Empowerment Coaching works with me – holding the space for you – to step beyond defeat, confusion or limitation and into the greatness of you.  My psychic and intuitive super powers can offer your clarity and insight into what your life is waiting to be and show you how limitless and fabulous you really are.

I can see the energy of your pain and struggles and I know what you need to know so that you can leap forward like a lion.

I ask you insightful questions which can shift they energy of your issues into way more space and lightness.  I use clearing statements that come from Source Inspired energy to shift you into a completely new reality.

I offer 60 MIN  Now You are Talking Sessions where we will dig into the stuff that’s holding you back from being happy and creating your amazing life.

60 Minute Now You Are Talking Session
$200 CAN$

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