What if all that was required for you to create change was to lie down, relax, lower your barriers, let go, receive? Hello Access Bars!

What are the Bars?

Access Bars is a hands on body treatment that can help you clear energies that get pent up in your mind and body, AND IMPROVE OR HEAL ANYTHING!

They are 32 bars of energy that run in and around your head.  They store the electromagnetic component of all thoughts, ideas and attitudes, decisions or believes.

The Bars are so amazing for letting go of anything that is troubling you.  And you don’t even have to figure out how to communicate or express your feelings.  All you have to do is lie back and receive.

Because the Bars are energy points, once they are cleared, your entire physical, emotional and mental system is reset and harmonized.





  • Are you stressed out, exhausted or totally fried?
  • Tired of having your mind go a mile a minute and wondering what inner peace might feel like?
  • Looking for clarity and connection to more of who you really are?
  • Would you like to rid yourself of insecurities so you aren’t afraid to do whatever you like whenever you like?
  • Do you need to relax and treat yourself to something nurturing so that you can recharge and capture a zest for life?
  • Would you like to improve a particular issue or area of your life?

Book in for a Bars Session with me and open yourself up to the potency of change!

Access Bars Session

Access Bars with Body Process

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