Access Body Processes improve and heal your body.

Is your body ridden with pain that makes you cringe when you move this way or that? Are you prey to catching colds or flues and often feel run down? Do you have injuries that haven’t completely healed? Would you like to develop a more nurturing relationship with your body?

Access Body Processes are a unique method of hands-on energy work. They create positive change by activating your body’s natural ability to heal itself and repair any damage, illness or injury it has sustained. Not only do these processes start to reset your body back to it’s original state: they also offer deep relaxation and stress release. Access Body Processes are super gentle and only require light touch.

I wonder which of these three body processes could be a contribution to you and your body?

This body process has many benefits. It improves the immune system dynamically. Not only does this help your body beat colds and flues: it can also repair any sort of malfunction your body may have experienced. After experiencing regular sessions over an extended period of time: people have healed 3rd stage bone cancer, ovarian and bladder cancer, various arthritic conditions, sports injuries, just to name a few. Continued sessions of MTVSS can also remove the wear and tear your body has experienced through your life. It works right now to the cellular level to remove the affects of aging, stress and toxins.


This Access Body Process enables your body to undo everywhere it is copying or mimicking other people’s body issues, genetic traits, diseases or problems. Our bodies have a natural capacity to duplicate other’s to understand them. When you were a kid you didn’t know how to be in the world so you mimicked your parents or other peeps who you thought were sorted it out. This process starts to unlock all this limiting “stuff” you have taken on from others so that you can create a dynamic and healthy experience with your body.


This Access Body Process helps your body recover from any kind of physical trauma by taking your cells back to their original optimum cell function. For this reason, cellular memory is also good for removing scar tissue from anywhere within the body

Access Body Process Sessions are
45 minutes long and cost $90 CAN.

Nurture and heal your body more with
2 Access Body Process in a 60 min session
for $125 CAN.

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