Equine Healing can boost performance for horses that race or compete in other rodeo events.  Because horses are naturally comfortable with me, they trust me, right off the bat.  One session with me will certainly help your horse by removing accumulated strain and stress from their body and healing overworked muscles and ligaments.  In this process, your horse will also receive energy healing energy that regenerates your horse on deeper levels.  Regular work with me during prior to, during, and even after race or rode season can insure that your horse keeps on top of any physical wear and tear.  At the same time your horse receives natural healing energy that supports and regenerates it on all aspects of their being.



Equine and animal healing can not only shift and improve injury or illness, it can also enhance your animal’s performance and capabilities.

I work with horses and other animals with my god-given healing gifts. It’s like they know that I can help them and they just end up coming to me. Because I am so intuitive and also a natural hands on healer, I know what is wrong with the horse as soon as I become aware of their energy. It’s like they talk to me.  When I put my hands on an animal they instantly calm down, let go of any stress or tension and release whatever it is that is distressing them.

There are many factors that can disrupt an animal’s energy. Some of these include: a change in diet, emotional problems, physical injuries, early trauma, training issues or a mix mash these problems.  Any blockage affects the horse or animal, physically or psychologically.  Shifting and balancing your animal’s energy can heal whatever imbalance or problem is happening in their physical, mental or emotional bodies as well.

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