Are you going through a particularly rough time, and feeling vulnerable and unable to cope with life’s challenges? Are you stuck and closed up, not capable of accessing your emotions and feelings?

Are you overly emotional and not behaving like your self? Do you desire to discover more of your true authentic self and live a a purpose driven path?

Are you stressed right out?  Are you experiencing pain and anxiety in your body?

Intuitive Energy Healing involves me using my intuitive awareness to discover what is creating your problem, challenge, imbalance or dis-ease. Then I shower you with my natural healing energy to shift and change the energy that is holding your limitation in place.

I am the catalyst for your body and being to begin their own healing and release.

Throughout each session I hold you in a divinely infused healing space and:

  • support your ability to face your limitations and empower your soul to move into a new awakened living
  • inspire you to discover your potency to choose what ever you desire
  • encourage you to let go of the past and heal and release blocked energies
  • balance and integrate you to greater wholeness
  • cleanse, repair, balance and re-energize your energy
  • re-connect you with self, higher self, and spirit guides



60 Min Energy Healing $90 Can

90 Minute Energy Healing Session $115 CAN

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