Sometimes life can be confusing and we can get totally overwhelmed and lose our center. Sometimes, someone we love or care about just isn’t their best selves and we don’t know why. Other times we require guidance from a skilled, impartial, intuitive reader who can perceive more than we can.

I am a naturally gifted Intuitive Reader and Psychic Medium.

When I was a kid, I thought everyone could see what I saw: colours, lights, and other energies:  not just around people but in the air that surrounds us.

As an Intuitive Reader, I can provide you with clarity and a deeper understanding of:

  • the spiritual energies behind your relationships and what is affecting your partner or your children
  • your probable destinies
  • enlightened knowing in regards to health challenges
  • and insight into what you are not allowing yourself to be aware of.

Have a look at my Intuitive Reading Mojo in my interview with Darlene.

Now how can I contribute to you?

Are you looking for guidance or direction in your life?

Not sure if you should choose that job or explore a romantic interest?

Do you know there is something more your in your life that you are supposed to be doing yet not sure what it is?

Is your pet not themselves, experiencing a health crisis that even the vets can’t figure out?

Do you need an impartial, compassionate, intuitive reader to discover what it is you are not aware of so you can move forward confidently in the right direction?




Quick Look Intuitive Reading 15 minutes
75$ CAN


In Depth Intuitive Reading 30 minutes 150$ CAN

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