A potent and courageous woman with compassionate wisdom, resiliency and infectious joy.

Are you looking for someone who can inspire your audience to:
rethink their lives,
step beyond their limitations to discover their power
and create their wildest dreams?


the woman whose life work is all about:

encouraging people to heal their deepest wounds,
learn from their challenges,

embrace their gifts and abilities
and become the extraordinary people they were meant to be.


KimmyEnergy is all about keeping it real, and drawing on a wealth of experiences and insights your audience will understand and connect to. She has an unfaltering regard, allowance and appreciation of all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, or their culture group.

Grounded in good values, deeply dedicated to her family and her clients; she is on a mission to help anyone turn difficult life lessons into blessings: to empower individuals to overcome limitations and judgments they thought they would never get past.

She bravely stands in her vulnerability and kindness showing others what is possible and achievable for them as she facilitates them to discover their potency of choice.




People recognize KimmyEnergy by
how she makes them feel.
Her distinguished colleagues worldwide
and hundreds of others,
have commented that they instantly
feel calm and nurtured when she speaks.




Her life has been a healing journey and as she healed and rediscovered the essence of her true nature, her intuitive and healing gifts blow open inspiring her to traditional training in healing and cutting edge awareness and facilitation in consciousness creation.

With compassion and empathy KimmyEnergy comes from the heart and leads her audience to forgive themselves for not knowing that they deserve better. She facilitates healing and forgiveness for those hurt and traumatized by others, and leads her audience through a dynamic transformational process that shows them how to learn and grown from their past and catapult them forward into a new brighter future and empowered, joyful self.

KimmyEnergy is available for motivational and keynote speaking engagements, empowerment events and group work.

She has over a decade of experience speaking publicly – emceeing numerous Women”s Conferences and RCMP events. She has held a leadership position on the Hospital Board for in her community for 8 years.

Contact KimmyEnergy to book her as your next speaker by filling out the form below or calling her directly at 780-385-8861

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