How to Save Money on Electric Bill? Our Real Life Examples.

By Kimmy Garcia JAN 16, 2024
in Home Tech
How I Effectively Reduced My Electricity Bill

I had never used a solar generator before until the Great Freeze of '21, and last summer's extreme weather made me appreciate the hassle of living without power at any time. And with more extreme weather and higher energy prices, our electricity bills are going up, so I have to take action. 

After comparing over 30 different units, I finally picked one that was fantastic in price, features, safety, and service! It is really useful and has helped me in many aspects of my life while reducing my electricity bill.

I will share this fantastic machine with you and how I've used it to reduce my bills. It's all amazing.

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Can Solar Generators Save Money?

Many people ask this question. The answer is yes, they can!
My studio is in Texas, We have five rooms, each with plenty of lights and air conditioning. Six working laptops are constantly on 24 hours a day, as well as a refrigerator in the kitchen, a TV and a microwave oven, and various other devices that require always running electricity. And we also need to charge our electric cars.

As one of the most expensive areas in the country, the average electricity bill in Texas went up by about 20% last summer, and the heat increased our need for air conditioning. Hence, the average electricity bill for the entire studio from May to July was over $300 per month.

However, one month after purchasing Byrony G2000 kits, I can see very effectively and visually what it has done for me through my bill - our August bill is down to $183!

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The Game Changer - Byrony G2000 Solar Generator.

 Lower purchase cost
It has a lower purchase cost per watt-hour than other products. Most products on the market with the same capacity are more expensive than Byrony. They require a separate purchase of solar panels, so it takes a long time for you to recoup the purchase cost before you can start to reduce your electricity bill. However, Byrony offers a range of affordable kits with solar panels to help you cut costs before you use them.

 Easier to install and use
You don't need to contact a professional installation company for costly labour to install and inspect and maintain it like you would with an extensive PV system. Instead, once you purchase a Byrony, you can place it anywhere the sun is shining and use its solar panels to charge it. And you can move it anywhere you need power and connect it directly to your appliances.

 Large enough capacity
Many people need to learn how to choose a suitable solar generator, and capacity is one of the most critical indicators! The larger the capacity, the longer it will be able to support your device. A solar generator with less than 800wh can keep your coffee machine for 1hrs. But Byrony has a huge capacity of 2220wh, which can support three times as long!

 High enough output power
Rated power is likewise one of the critical indicators for choosing a solar generator. It determines what equipment you can run. A solar generator with an output of fewer than 1000 watts cannot even run a kettle. The Byrony has a massive work of 2000 watts and can support almost any large household device.

 High-level security
Safety certification is enough to prove if your product has quality issues. The Byrony G2000 consists of six square NCM battery packs with high specific energy and power and a battery life of over 1000 cycles. It also has UL, SDS and SGS safety certifications, which means a higher level of battery safety and no chemical hazards.

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What are Effective Ways to Reduce Bills?

From experience, there are several very practical ways to save power...

 Minimize the number of operating devices
To reduce the number of running air conditioners and meet everyone's needs, we moved to the same room to work, which reduced our power consumption in this area by 1/5 directly! And we all focus on cooking simultaneously to reduce the running time of large kitchen appliances.

 Charge your car and do other non-essential things during off-peak hours
Many companies have programs where you only pay half or less of your peak-hour electricity bill when you use electricity during off-peak hours so that you can check the programs in your area. Peak hours are usually from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., so we typically avoid this time and charge our cars or do laundry, etc., in the morning.

 Use of solar generators during peak electricity consumption
I usually fully charge my Byrony during off-peak hours and then use it during peak hours to power my fridge, fan, or other critical devices. 4440wh is enough capacity to support many of my devices through peak hours. I can even charge it with solar panels, which takes a little longer, but there's no cost! This really helps us save a lot of money!

Where to Buy...

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For the price it's a good deal.


Very impressive. It worked great when the power went out. Like this, there are many ways to charge it, including solar power.


If you need to worry about power outages due to the weather this is a nice strong piece of equipment.


I currently have a job that requires me to use my laptop and to travel to locations without a power source.  And this is really suitable for me and my work, this power station can support my laptop whole day perfectly.


Don't delay... this product is the one you need. Serves all kinds of devices and battery last forever.


left this at my daughters this past winter to be sure she could keep the heating if the power goes off.  Also is good for her phone if need be.

Michael Eschmann

Buy it you won't be disappointed great to have.

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This power supply and solar panel are great for emergency... You'll have enough power to last for days if you don't use it continuously.

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Johnny Valdez

This is an easy to understand power station.

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It will keep me connected during a storm.

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This is really a good product and provides enough power for my fridge when the power goes out.

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Very good quality, I'm so happy I have this product, it's been so helpful in many ways.

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I like that it kept my laptop and phone going.

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I'm in FL. We didn't have power for 2 days with IAN. Now I'm prepared for anything, 

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It was a lifesaver. I bought this the day before the hurricane hit it lasted 4 days. I charged my cell 15 times I watched TV for 30 mins several times for news and ran a light all day and night. 

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